The Gift Experiences  Terms & Conditions  Background- Gift Flights LTD (“Gift Flights”) is the trading name of serval owned companies trading under the parent company name of “Gift Flights LTD” to include “Helicoptours”, “London Helicopter Flights” and “Helicopter Gift Experiences”  herein all associated companies owned by Gift Flights ltd will be referred to as “Gift Flights” which is the parent trading limited company. These terms and conditions apply to all owned companies trading as Gift Flights LTD and all associated websites,  vouchers and marketing material.  “Gift Flights” carries on the business of selling, via its website and marketing avenues redeemable face value credit vouchers (“vouchers”) Each voucher can be redeemed by the purchaser, or by a third party to whom the voucher is transferred by the purchaser (the person redeeming the voucher being referred to herein as “the Customer”) in return for the services supplied direct to the customer by the supplier/ operator up to the value shown on the voucher and within the period of validity stated on the voucher. 1. Background – Gift Flights Ltd issues gift vouchers to customers via third party websites. Each voucher is an opportunity to suggest an appropriate experience for the recipient of the voucher but if the recipient would prefer a different experience, the voucher can also be exchanged by the recipient for a range of other experiences offered by Gift Flights Ltd.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure the descriptions and pictures contained within the websites and on gift vouchers and any associated marketing material are a true reflection of the events in respect of which the voucher may be redeemed, these do not form part of a contract. If on contacting the supplier to redeem your voucher you feel that the activity taking place no longer accurately represents the activity shown, Gift Flights will exchange the voucher for another experience up to the same value of the purchase price or refund the purchase price of the voucher. This is subject that the voucher has not been redeemed & is still valid & within its expiry date (10 months from date of purchase). Once a specific date has been booked, you will automatically become bound by the terms and conditions that individual supplier/ operator may have. Please note that experiences are subject to change without notice. This does not affect your statutory rights.  2. Prices – The prices of specific experiences against which gift vouchers can be redeemed which are displayed on third party websites and printed materials are correct to the best of our knowledge and maintained regularly. In the event of a voucher being issued at or redeemed against an accidental incorrect price, we will endeavour to inform the purchaser of the error within seven days of the voucher purchase / voucher redemption being made, we will allow the recipient to either obtain a full refund against the voucher or choose to pay the additional difference in price. Promotional discounts codes on affiliated third party websites can only be redeemed against certain Gift Flights experiences.        3. Availability – Gift Flights sells vouchers which are valid for twelve months from the date of issue (unless otherwise stated) and each recipient is free to book their preferred date for the their chosen experience . The experience in respect of which vouchers may be redeemed against are subject to availability and weather conditions on the day. In order to avoid disappointment we recommend that you book the experience in respect of which the the voucher will be redeemed well in advance and DO NOT organise travel or accommodation until the booking has been confirmed by the operator (this may be as little as 24 hours notice in some cases). Gift flights LTD accept no liability and will not be held liable for any costs incurred by the recipient in the event of an booking being cancelled or postponed by the Operator/  supplier. Please be aware that flying experiences are very prone to weather cancelations & other external influences at short notice so we again advise to confirm the booking before any travel and accommodation costs are incurred.  4. Booking – Please DO NOT arrive at the venue expecting to redeem your gift voucher without first obtaining a booking confirmation in writing from the operator/ supplier. Please also be aware that the departure locations may be different from the operating base (head office) of the third party  Operator/ supplier and you must first check this before departing on the day of your flight. Gift Flights LTD will not be held liable for your costs incurred if you do not follow the procedures set out in these terms and conditions.  5. Event duration – Details of event duration given on the website and gift vouchers are to be used as a guide only. Most flights will be ‘pleasure flying days’ meaning that other members of the public will be taking part too to include ‘Exclusive flights’. This will mean taking your turn with other members of the public. As a result delays are a common occurrence as we advise to allow plenty of time both before your booking time and after. The information on Gift Flights websites and marketing materials are meant as an indication of what to expect at the session in respect  of which your voucher is redeemed. As Gift Flights vouchers can be redeemed in return for multi-location experiences, flight lengths, agendas, aircraft used, numbers of participants and other factors specific to that experience may vary from location to location. Delays, curtailments and breakdowns are not within our control and therefore we cannot be held liable. 6. Safety – The undertaking of these activities may involve some personal risk. With some events you may be required to sign a disclaimer on the day, please read these documents carefully. Some personal insurance policies may not cover some of the experiences in respect of which our vouchers may be redeemed. Please check with the operator/ supplier and your insurer well in advance of your day. Note that all operators/ suppliers will require participants to comply with detailed specified safety procedures. Please listen and take note if they ask you do do something – it is usually for your own safety.  7. Validity –  Each gift voucher is valid for a maximum of twelve months from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated. Gift Flights may from time to time run special offer promotions were the validity date may be reduced to less than the normal twelve months at its own discretion. It is the responsibility of the recipient to check the voucher expiry date and book the experience inside the date specified on the voucher. A voucher will be deemed invalid if it is out of date ( the validity date is clearly stated on the voucher). Vouchers can only be extended if they are still inside their expiry date. Gift Flights reserves the right to extend vouchers outside of the normal expiry date at its own discretion on a case by case basis. If the customer is unable to utilise the voucher before the expiry date then, the customer should contact Gift Flights where the facility to extend vouchers is offered for a standard admin fee of £30 for a six month extension or £50 for a twelve month extension. If the activity in respect of which the voucher is to be redeemed has increased in price the customer will also need to pay the difference in price. Vouchers purchased on special offer may not be extendable (in these instances this will have been clearly stated at the time of purchase). Once a voucher has been extended it can not be refunded. Gift Flights recommends that all vouchers are redeemed and experiences booked and taken before the expiry date on the voucher. In the event that the third party operator/ supplier  is unable to offer a booking date inside the expiry date shown on the voucher the customer must contact Gift Flights immediately (within seven days) and the voucher will be extended for a further six months at no cost to the customer, assuming the experience price is still the same as that paid at the time of purchase. Gift Flight reserves the right to pass any costs incurred If the activity in respect of which the voucher is to be extended has increased in price, the customer will need to pay the difference to extend the voucher in this situation.  8. Restrictions  –  Many of the vouchers offered may be redeemed for experiences which have some type of restriction applied to them; these restrictions are not decided by Gift Flights but by the individual operator/ supplier. These restrictions could include age, health, physical, size, weight, non alcohol & drugs policy and relevant identification being provided. The operator has the right to refuse the recipient entry to their experience if these are not adhered to in accordance with there own terms and conditions. Any flight instructor or pilot in command acting as captain of any aircraft, can (at their own discretion) refuse any person on board an aircraft if he/she suspects them to have consumed alcohol or illegal substances within the past 24 hours. Gift Flights has a commitment to air safety and will always support any decision made by any flying instructor/ Captain in the best interest of air safety. Please read all of the information provided for each experience to ensure that your initial suggested voucher is right for the recipient. If you are unsure of the suitability of a particular event please email us at with your query and we will advise accordingly. Gift Flights will not be held liable if an operator/ supplier refuses to fly the recipient if they are deemed to be outside their individual restrictions imposed and the voucher may become void as a result.  9. Complaints – We always take any complaint that we receive very seriously as we take great care to ensure that all of our operators/ suppliers offer our customers only the best “once in a lifetime flying experiences “ however should you encounter any problems  the easiest way to resolve any problems that you may experience is to speak with the operator/ supplier on the day. They will ensure that any issues are rectified. If you are still not satisfied please send in details of your complaint (including your voucher reference number / date of flight and who you spoke with on the day) to Please remember that the operator/ Supplier will have the opportunity to respond as well. Similarly we would like to hear any positive feedback. Email us on 10. Cancelations – Once you redeem your voucher and book a specific date with an operator/ supplier you are bound by their terms and conditions regarding cancellations. Once a date is confirmed with an operator/ supplier it is not possible to change this date unless the operator agrees to the change. Where a date cannot be altered by an operator/ supplier it will not be possible to issue a refund. In the unlikely event that one of our operators/ suppliers needs to cancel the experience after you have booked a date, they will contact you. We strongly recommend however, that you contact the operator on the day of your experience before you depart in the event of a last minute cancellation and to avoid incurring unnecessary travel costs. Gift Flights will not be held liable for the cost of lost insurance premiums, travel expenses, pre-booked accommodation costs or any other costs incurred.   11. Operators/ Suppliers & Liability – When redeeming your voucher and booking an experience with an operator you will be entering into a separate agreement with the operator/ supplier and will be be bound by their own terms and conditions, including any restrictions applied by that operator. Gift Flights recommends that you make yourself aware of these at the time of booking.   Although Gift Flights has sought to select highly experienced operators /suppliers of ‘once in a lifetime flying experiences’, Gift Flights cannot be responsible for the safety standards or the quality or delivery of the experience, or any loss or damage suffered by you whilst participating in the experience for which the Operator/ Supplier shall be solely responsible.  By Purchasing or redeeming a Gift Flights voucher, you acknowledge that the experience in respect of which the voucher  will be redeemed is dependant on certain factors beyond the control of Gift Flights and you agree that neither Gift Flights nor any Operator/ Supplier shall be liable for the cancellation, postponement or alteration of any experience for reasons beyond its reasonable control, including weather-related reasons , mechanical failure, location changes or otherwise.  Gift Flights do not undertake any technical examination of equipment, facilities or services in order to minimise personal risk. If mechanical machinery (to include aircraft) breaks down, you should ask the operator for reasonable substitutions without notice.   The total liability for Gift Flights Ltd for any claim whatsoever in connection with the Gift Flights voucher or any of its associated companies vouchers trading as Gift Flights Ltd or any experience in respect of which a voucher is redeemed shall be limited to the price paid for the experience voucher. We have tried to ensure that the descriptions and images used on all marketing material are accurate. however, images are intended to give a general idea of the experience described and do not form part of the contract between the purchaser and / or the recipient of the voucher and Gift Flights.  12. Spectators –  Most operators will allow you to bring spectators to watch you participate in your selected experience. When redeeming your voucher and booking your date please do inform the Operator/ supplier that you wish to bring other people. Spectators are required to comply with the Operators/ Suppliers terms, conditions and exceptions of conduct. Any customer or  spectators deemed under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not be permitted on the site.  13. Gift Cards – Gift Flights gift cards are flexible and can be used as credit towards the total of part of the cost of any Gift Flights experience. In most cases this is when a group of family or friends want to all contribute towards the total cost of one of our flying experiences but all want to give an individual gift. Gift cards are different to gift vouchers in that they hold their original purchase price and have no expiry date. These terms & conditions only apply to a gift card once it has been redeemed toward the cost of one of our experiences and a voucher has been issued. You have the right to return and gift cards within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. All refunds will be made to the person who purchased the gift card and the monies will be refunded directly to the credit card. After 30 days gift cards are non refundable. Gift Cards are non exchangeable for cash or any money value other than to reduce the price against part of or the whole purchase cost of an experience voucher.  14 Refunds – You have the right to return any goods or vouchers within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. After 30 days all gift vouchers & gift cards are non refundable.  Once you or the recipient has redeemed your voucher and booked the experience with an Operator/ Supplier you are bound by their Terms and Conditions. Please make yourself aware of these at the time of booking. All refunds will be made to the person who purchased the voucher and the monies will be refunded directly to the credit card.  To request a refund you MUST return your voucher / Gift card by recored delivery to Gift Flight customer services, 71 -75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ along with a covering letter detailing the reason for your refund request.  15. Vouchers – All vouchers purchased will be available as a free digital download to be printed by the purchaser. All vouchers are emailed automatically once payment has been processed. Hard copy vouchers will be dispatched by first class Royal Mail at the stated cost. You may request Courier delivery for delivery to the UK only for any additional charge. We cannot be held liable for any loss suffered as a result of mail being delayed.  The gift voucher is invalid if it has been tampered with or defaced. Gift Flights accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen vouchers . Please keep vouchers in a safe place and protect them as you would money.  Gift Flights does not accept any liability for the courier delivery. If the recipient is not in at the delivery address to receive the item any associated costs  after this are the responsibility of the customer.  16 Discount codes –  Discount codes to be used against certain experiences are issued subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice at any time. Gift Flights reserves the right to stop discount codes being used against specific products. Only one discount code may be used per order and these cannot be used against exchanges, voucher extensions, money on account, delivery costs, gift packs or any other facility provided by Gift Flights. Discount codes can only be applied to internet orders.  17. Competition Prizes, Tangibles, Promotional products – These items cannot be exchanged, extended or refunded.      18. Data Protection – Your privacy is our highest priority – we will never disclose your personal details to a third party under any circumstances.