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T67 Space Flight Experience

Experience the same sensations and forces that an Astronaut would encounter when leaving and entering earths atmosphere. Know how it feels to be weightless or pull G up to four times your own body weight. Flying time is around 30 minutes (20 airborne).

Type of Aircraft: T67 Firefly

£345.00£395.00 / Per Person

What To Expect

Ever wondered what it feels like to go into space? With this new 20 minute "Space Flight" experience you will replicate some of the forces commonly exerted on astronauts training for space exploration. Experience the awesome launch pad acceleration (3G) , replicate the sensation of being weightless (Zero G), exactly as astronauts feel in orbit, and gasp as your body weighs four and a half times its normal weight (4.5G) as you simulate the same forces felt on re-entry to earths atmosphere.  You will also get the opportunity to replicate some or all of these forces yourself as you take the controls and fly the aircraft under the guidance of your ex-military flying instructor.  Become Tim Peake for the day and fly from his home town of Chichester.

What Type Of Aircraft Is It?

Flights are typically Flown in the T67 Firefly (ex-military training aircraft) which can hold 1 passenger + Instructor.


Monday - Saturday
Excluding bank holidays


• On site toilets
• Cafe on aerodrome


• Outdoor viewing area
• Spectators welcome

Dress Code

• Flat shoes with good grip
• Flight suit & parachute provided


Goodwood, West Sussex


20 minutes


Allow 2-3 hours for this experience.


Valid for 12 months from date of purchase


• Original voucher[s] &
• A form of photo ID


20 minute flight

Safety briefing

Evoucher & certificate


In flight Video (£49)


✗ Individual Experience

Maximum Age

There is no upper age limit.

Minimum Age

12 years

Maximum Height

Min = 5' 0"
( approx 1.52 metres )

Max = 6' 5"
( approx 1.96 metres )

Maximum Weight

108 kg

17 Stone 0 Pounds
( approx 107.95 kg )


Aerodrome is wheel chair friendly & assistance is available to spectators with reduced mobility

Medical Conditions

Anyone over 71 will need a GP's medical certificate

You must be in good health & physically capable of getting in and out of the aircraft without assistance. You should also be physically capable of operating a parachute in the event of an emergency. If you have any disability or illness that you think may prevent you from taking part then please call us to discuss before booking.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns with the restrictions imposed please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please Note: This is an individual experience for one person per aircraft


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