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Fly a professional standard 6 AXIS FULL MOTION flight simulator.

£249.00 / Per simulator session

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NEW for 2021! This is completely different to every other “experience simulator” on the market. Our 737NG simulator parallels the extreme standards of a 'Level D' training machine. With its incredibly responsive 6 axis Moog motion system, you'll feel everything from the acceleration as you release the brakes to the smallest bumps of the runway concrete and even severe turbulence. You will also feel an instant, accurate response from the aircraft as you make inputs on the controls because unlike some other motion simulators, the motion in ours is controlled by the simulation software, through our custom motion software.

Even without motion, this simulator is exceptional in several ways. It uses a complete, real, Boeing 737 cockpit and flight controls with computer-controlled force feedback for totally accurate control feel that changes with flight conditions. It has a combined 220° pin-sharp collimated (infinity focused) visual system, fully simulated 737 systems, an 18-speaker immersive audio environment (that places all the sounds and vibrations at the right places in the cockpit) and is powered by 8 extremely powerful computers. In short, this is the most convincing simulator you can fly outside of an airline training centre. With its up-to-date visual graphics, this simulator is more convincing than many of those too!

Once the drawbridge is up, the cockpit door is secured and you’re strapped in on your take off roll, it's very hard to believe you’re still bolted to the ground - This experience is something totally different!

For Covid security, the simulator has additional air conditioning with fresh air blown in at high volume through the aircraft's AC system.


Monday - Saturday


On site toilets including disabled facilities
Refreshments are available


1 spectator welcome

Dress Code

Comfortable clothing


Frome, near Bath


60 minutes


Please allow 1hr 15mins for this experience


Valid for 12 months from date of purchase


Original voucher(s)
A form of photo ID


60 minutes in a full motion flight simulator


No in-flight video available


Can be shared

Maximum Age

99 years

Minimum Age

14 years

Maximum Height

Min = 4' 3"
( approx 1.3 metres )

Max = 6' 11"
( approx 2.11 metres )

Maximum Weight

18 Stone 5 Pounds
( approx 116.57 kg )


Unfortunately, due to the confined cockpit space, the simulator is not wheelchair accessible.

Medical Conditions

You should not take part if you suffer from vertigo or motion sickness. You should be in reasonable health. If you have an ailment, disability or illness that may prevent you from exiting the simulator quickly in an emergency, you MUST discuss this with the centre before booking.
In the unlikely event of a building power failure, you must be fit and able enough to exit the simulator using an emergency rope/ladder.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns with the restrictions imposed please do not hesitate to contact us.

The simulator operates at height and can move very quickly. This carries minimal risk, however you may be asked to sign an insurance waiver form.

Sorry no children under 14 in the building due to guard rail height.


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